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Some of our completed projects

  • Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA

    Schools, MOZAIK, USA

  • Boulder at Teton Boulder Park, United States

    Outdoor Parks & Recreation, FREEFORM, USA

  • St. James Sports Complex – Springfield, VA

    Schools, Clip'n Climb, MOZAIK, USA

  • What’s UP Lesquin

    Climbing Gyms, MOZAIK, FREEFORM, Europe

  • Mesa Rim – Reno, NV

    Climbing Gyms, MOZAIK, USA

  • Clip ‘n Climb Aix – Climb Up Aix, France

    Clip'n Climb, Europe

  • Le Prado Boulder, Marseille

    Outdoor Parks & Recreation, FREEFORM, Europe

  • San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA

    Schools, MOZAIK, USA


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Your project in 6 steps


No. 1 – Analysis

Our professional sales team will work with you and provide feedback on your goals and present the best climbing technologies to meet the needs of your space.  Each space and goal is unique, so we really need to get to know about you and your project.

Many times we will take your building model and begin with a review of your climbing areas.  Then our designers can build a general massing to provide ‘real’ climbing surface numbers to estimate your project costs.  Our designers create with safety in mind for fall zones, swing cones, line of sight safety, practicality for throughput, foot traffic, route-setter efficiencies, lift paths, social spaces, your user type engagement and so much more.  Everything that we design and build is to industry practices driven by the Climbing Wall Association (CWA).

We are honest and transparent with our analysis with each project and about spacial restrictions.  In the end, we will ensure that your climbing space is successful for your specific facility goals.


No. 2 – Proposal & Contracting

Our specialist sales team and designers work together and identify the best technology solutions to meet your budget and facility needs.  Our proposals are built from an extensive analysis of your climbing space and are detailed and communicated transparently to reduce any form of surprise later in your project process.  Each proposal  is also reviewed by a project manager to confirm the numbers before being presented to the client for contract.  You are assured to be informed and involved in every consideration that may effect costs moving forward.  In the same regards, we keep our contract simple and equal for both parties.


No. 3 – Drafting & Engineering

After your design is completed, we move your project into drafting and engineering.  We work with you and your building engineer to ensure that your building or space will take the loads of our climbing walls.  We have a third party stamp your unique drawings for your specific state.  All of your climbing walls are drafted and engineered to meet industry practices driven by the Climbing Wall Association (CWA).


No. 4 – Production

Our climbing walls and Polyurethane handhold production facility for North America is based in Bend, Oregon.  We recognize the importance of local manufacturing for more than quality control.  We pride ourselves on local work-force, retaining quality employees and the importance of all our company departments communicating effectively to ensure the best result for our clients.  Our advantage remains the best quality climbing walls in the world and our commitment to finish our projects on schedule and on budget.  Schedule a visit any time you are stopping to play in Bend, we are happy to give you a tour.


No.5 – Shipping & Installation

We take charge of all logistical aspects, from supplying parts to the full installation of your project by our exceptional install teams.  Our teams continue a high level of communication, which is essential at the time of install and coordinating with your other contractors on site.  Your lead installer will walk you through each phase of your project as it is completed and ensures your satisfaction.


No.6 – Ensuring your continued success

As part of our commitment to your success, we provide services that will support  you including: inspections, maintenance, safety training and optimizing your facilities as they evolve.

We draw on our 30 years of experience and the family valued connections we have in the industry.

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