Colleges & Universities


School walls (for schools and universities) are usually incorporated into gyms or other sports facilities. They are suitable for teaching climbers of every standard, and for learning all techniques from basic belaying to top-level climbing.

Climber profile

  • Age: Child to Adult
  • Discipline: Sport
  • Standard: Beginner to Expert



  • Varied profile (slab, vertical, overhang) to cater for a range of skill levels (beginner, intermediate, expert) and provide a gradual increase in difficulty
  • Demarcated 2-metre area (change of colour, line or other)
  • Macros/Volumes to create platforms for learning rope techniques
  • Mid-height belay points to create several levels of difficulty in one corridor
  • Accessibility for climbers with disabilities and reduced mobility




  • Printed or textured graphics to showcase the school’s logo
  • Articulated slabs to tailor the difficulty to the climber profile – Ideally suited to beginners
  • Premium anchor points to reduce the risk of fingers becoming trapped or injured

Holds and accessories:

  • Trublue auto belays to increase instruction options for teachers and offer a fun introduction to climbing for students.
  • Recommended numbers of holds: An average of 7 holds per m²
  • Recommended numbers of macros:
    • Competition area: 1 macro per line
    • Beginner area: 1 macro to every 2 lines


  • Route setting : must be updated and varied, bringing your ACS alive and maintaining students’ and clubs’ motivation. For educational route setting requirements (such as for examinations), contact our service department.
  • Annual maintenance recommended by NF and FIFAS standards. With more than 30 years’ experience in building ACS, Entre-Prises is THE maintenance specialist.
  • PPE inspections : to be carried out annually. This service is often coupled with annual maintenance.
  • Trueblue Maintenance : to be carried out annually

Examples of recent projects:

  • Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA

    Schools, MOZAIK, USA

  • San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA

    Schools, MOZAIK, USA

  • St. James Sports Complex – Springfield, VA

    Schools, Clip'n Climb, MOZAIK, USA

  • Oregon State University

    Schools, FREEFORM, USA

  • Goncelin, France

    Schools, MOZAIK, Europe

  • St John Beaumont, United Kingdom


  • South Cheshire College, United Kingdom

    Schools, MOZAIK, UK