Clip ‘n Climb – Fun climbing

Clip ’n Climb, a proven concept

A unique, innovative approach to indoor climbing and active play

Clip ‘n Climb is an innovative climbing-based concept in leisure centers, for the entire family. It comprises 36 unique challenges, offering fun climbing movements with a variety of themes and strategies to appeal to all visitors!

With its approachable style and Trublue auto belay system, Clip ’n Climb provides a fun environment where climbing really becomes a place for kids and adults to be active together! Climbers do not need any rope experience, only to clip in and climb!

With centers on three continents attracting thousands of visitors every day, this active play concept in indoor climbing is a true international success!

Guaranteed entertainment for all!

Climbers of any age will soon find themselves completely hooked on the enthralling physical and strategic problems posed by the Clip ‘n Climb challenges.

Every visitor experiences the same enjoyment and the same satisfaction in rising to a challenge, whatever it may be! Some confront their fear of heights, while others test their physical strength, speed or agility!

Clip ‘n Climb centers appeal to a diverse and constantly growing audience of all ages:

  • Grade and middle school children
  • High school students
  • Groups of young people
  • Birthday parties
  • Families
  • Associations
  • Sports clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Employee team building

See our dedicated website for further information: Clip ‘n