Monkey Space – Training Structure


A new fun and evolutive training tool

Monkey Space is a new, innovative, highly modular structure aimed at developing technical and physical abilities. With infinite customization possibilities, this playful training tool easily fits into the climbing gyms, training centers or cross fit facilities.

A wide selection of accessories for both walls and roof, allow users to create exercises and challenges inside and outside Monkey Space. A locking system has also been developed to add safety for users.

Original and evolutive training!

Modular, adaptable, user-friendly, playful, constant evolution… and safety are the key ingredients for this original and unique concept.

Monkey Space stimulates everyones imagination: work on agility, balance, coordination, power and speed while inventing moves! Exercises for all levels can be assembled and performed quickly, allowing a social character that brings fun to exercising.

Available in 4 initial sizes, Monkey Space can accommodate several people at the time:

  • Marmoset – Single Cube (97 sq.ft.)
  • Baboon – Double Cube (194 sq.ft.)
  • Orangutan – Triple Cube (291 sq.ft.)
  • Gorilla – Quad Cube (388 sq.ft.)

And satisfy all types of users:

  • Climbing/Bouldering gyms
  • Training Centers
  • Cross Fit Facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Multi-activity Facilities

For more information, visit the dedicated website.