Feasibility, Budget, Design and Engineering

All of our projects start in the consultation phase. After completing an on site visit or document study our team can assist in the following ways:

Building/Facility Analysis – New Construction or Remodel

  • Evaluate your proposed or existing building dimensional and structurally to contain and support an artificial climbing structure.
  • Inspect and evaluate the general condition of a climbing wall and it’s expected lifespan.
  • Asses the life cycle of an existing climbing wall including it’s overall design/usability compared to modern installations.
  • Climbing hold and equipment consultation and purchase order recommendations.

Preliminary Studies for Design, Budget & Schedule

  • Analyze areas being considered for new climbing walls.
  • Create a preliminary massing design to quantify the critical statistics of your climbing wall including;
    • square footage of climbing surface
    • primary support requirements
    • general angles and types of terrain
    • number of climbing lines
    • ingress and egress paths
    • general angles and types of terrain
    • site lines
    • fall zones
  • Develop a preliminary budget estimate, based on the massing design, to get a ROM of the anticipated costs of the new climbing wall. Can include quotes for flooring, equipment, holds and other products and services.
  • Estimated timelines for each phase, based on your specific project for planning purposes.

3D Climbing Wall Surface Design

  • Multiple lay-outs and designs can be prepared to show options for your space.
  • Further develop the initial massing design into a final design including:
    • specific shapes
    • sizes, angles
    • transitions of all facets of climbing surface

Preliminary Engineering

  • Review preliminary loading factors and complete a preliminary engineering study to share with your architect,
    engineer, general contractor, or local building department.