Boulder in the town of St George, United States

Boulder in the town of St George, United States

An Entre-Prises solution

Freeform is without a doubt the ideal technology for this type of project.  Entre-Prises designed free-standing boulders with several levels of difficulty. They are entirely hand-made and sculpted, with a level 3 surface finish providing a number of graspable features. Consequently fewer holds are required, and the site retains its natural appearance.

After several years of use, the boulders are still used frequently and show no signs of wear.

LocationSt. George, Utah, USAClimbable area107 sq.ft.
DateOctober 2008 Height12 ft.
Facility typePark and Playground Boulder and Tower Width12 ft.


TechnologyFreeform Max. overhang 3 ft.
ConfigurationFree-standing boulders


Number of lines15
Climber profileBeginner to Intermediate


OptionsFreeform Level 3