When to have your artificial climbing wall inspected

The Climbing Wall Association (CWA) recommends an inspection every 2-3 years or earlier depending on your climbing wall structure. Many insurance companies and risk management programs require annual inspections. The CWA recommends inspections to be performed by:


Pre-Inspection Call:

Prior to scheduling your inspection, we will need to discuss:

  • Your facility type & user group
  • Review your site map
  • Note any specific questions or possible maintenance needs while we are on site
  • Any specific insurance requirements
On-Site Inspections Cover:

All inspections cover a 40 point guide with additional details depending on your specific facility. Any nonconformities that may need immediate attention or a stop use notice will be provided immediately

  • Primary Support Structure and Building Connections
  • Secondary Support Structure
  • Top-rope, Lead and Auto-belay climbing anchor bolts and hardware
  • Climbing Wall Surface
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including ropes, harnesses, quickdraws and route-setter equipment
  • Climbing Area including access control, signage, fall zones and flooring systems
Post Inspection:
  • Expect to receive a detailed Inspection Report and dated Certificate of Inspection within a week, including additional follow-up maintenance suggestions
  • We will schedule a call to review your inspection and answer any questions
  • Hard copy will be sent

The EP Advantages

  • We group schedule our service visits to help reduce the cost for multiple facilities
  • Designing, manufacturing, building and servicing climbing walls in the USA since 1988
  • Inspectors are trained and certified by EP with current CWA industry common practices and are field experts licensed, bonded and insured in all 50 states and Canada
  • Supporting a healthy life cycle of climbing walls – stay safe, continue building successful, transparent relationships