Route setting

Climbing routes are what gives your climbing wall its appeal, so it is vital to offer route setting that is appropriate to your target audience. Regular updates and first-rate route setting are crucial if you are to offer the highest quality of service to users and make your climbing business a long-term success.

From competitors to schoolchildren, the basic requirements are the same although levels of difficulty can vary greatly. For this reason, route setting must be carried out by a qualified individual who is familiar with the requirements and limitations of each user.

Since route setters often use ropes or mobile elevating work platforms, they must be trained in working at height and in specific route setting techniques to ensure the highest safety standards.

It takes real skill to set good routes. Whether a climbing route is excellent or mediocre hinges on the route setter’s ability to create movement, balance and the right balance of difficulty in line with the standard grading system.

The Entre-Prises team of qualified and experienced route setters is available to set routes for you or train your staff.

Training can cover:

  • Route setting techniques for boulders and walls.
  • Types of hold.
  • Safety.
  • Preparation and planning for route setting.
  • Selecting holds and screws.
  • Maintenance of walls and holds.
  • Movement, aesthetics, balance.
  • Grades.
  • Targeted route setting: competitions, kids, clubs, schools, etc.

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