Sport Climbing Proposed For Olympic Games Paris 2024!

Sport Climbing Proposed For Olympic Games Paris 2024!

During a press conference in Paris, France, the Paris Organizing Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games (Paris 2024) confirmed a proposal to include four additional sports in the Sports Program of the 33rd Summer Olympic Games: Breakdance, Skateboarding, Surfing and Sport Climbing.


Next Steps to Inclusion

The proposal will be presented next to the IOC Executive Board on March 26th-28th.  If accepted, the proposal will then be put forward to the 134th IOC Session on June 24th in Lausanne, Switzerland.  If approved, Sport Climbing will be featured in the Summer Olympic Games for the second consecutive edition.

The press conference was attended by Sport Climbing representatives Jerome Meyer, IFSC Head of Olympic Coordination; Pierre You, President of the FFME; and French Sport Climbing athlete Julia Chanourdie.


Recognition of a Rapid Rise

With this proposal, Paris 2024 airs: “to support the development of four booming sports all over the world […]; and to offer spectacular and sustainable games that enhance the performance of athletes and engage youth and the general public, thanks to sports with a strong lifestyle dimension.”


Enriching the Experience

Additionally, Paris 2024 plans to enrich the Sport Climbing events in 2024 by expanding from one to two distinct competitions, six to twelve medals and 40 to 72 athletes in total.  Under the proposal, 16 wormen and 16 men would compete for six medals in the Speed discipline; 20 women and 20 men would compete for six medals based on the combination of results in the Bouldering and Lead Climbing disciplines.


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