Crag Wagon – Rental

Crag Wagon is the next vision toward moveable competition and clinic style bouldering walls.

The design of the ‘comp in a box’ is based on international and USA Climbing fields of play.  Route-setters can bring their vision to each 10ft. wide climbing bay with changeable angles.  And at 18ft. tall when vertical, you can set for multiple styles of clinics while still creating exciting challenges for world class athletes.  The Crag Wagon is heading on the road this spring – you can see what we did with our friends at Bend Endurance Academy and Bend Rock Gym, here in our home town, for the Bend Summer Comp in conjunction with the Subaru of Bend Outside Games – A little comp that has given over $15,000 in cash and prizes for the last 3 years!

Call about getting the Crag Wagon to your city center and bringing a great climbing exhibition in front of everyone.