Sport Court – Rope

Sport Court – Rope Wall with TRUBLUE Auto Belays

The EP Standard Sport Court climbing walls bring a simple design that will surprise you both on the affordability and flexibility.  You have everything included to provide a great introductory up to advanced climbing experience to your students and facility members.  Climbing is a continually growing and evolving sport that brings people together socially and actively.  This climbing wall is a standard size and scope created from our MozaiK surface technology.


Effectively bring the benefits of climbing with ropes
to your Sport Court.


  • Designed to fit comfortably in sport courts to minimize impact while not in use
  • High quality surface to extend life cycle and minimize maintenance, used in commercial climbing gyms around the world
  • Flat, basic angles allows route setting for all ability levels
  • Turn-key package includes safety mats, equipment, hand holds
  • Choose your color splash to match your facility

5 LINE “Easy to Manage” ROPE WALL PACKAGE –  $65,999

A. – Hand holds and three volumes included for beginner to intermediate climbers

B. – Netting across top to keep inflatables out

C. – Upgrade – add industry leading TRUBLUE auto belays

D. – Upgrade – add a custom logo to personalize your climbing wall

E. – Minimal depth faceted from the front for maintenance

F. – Fold-up safety pads minimize impact to sport court and act as safety barrier when closed

G. – Choose a color splash or upgrade with color.

Ask about engineering loads required for your building / additional shipping costs may apply /
specialty uses / training programs