Entre-Prises technologies, a wide choice of construction systems for your climbing structures

From highly versatile wooden structures (MozaiK technology) to ultra-realistic simulated rock surfaces (Freeform Technology), Entre-Prises provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of technologies on the market. This enables us to meet your requirements, whatever your project’s wall type, configuration, environment and budgetary constraints.

MOZAIK: The most versatile
technology for your
climbing structures

Freeform: No molds,
hand formed to create
any aesthetic you want

Features & Options :
high-quality features and
custom options

Our Common Sub-Structure (CSS) system means that our technologies can be combined and interchanged to provide you with different types of climbing and a range of options for the design and development of your structure.

All these technologies are offered with our high-quality standard features (Entre-Prises non-marking texture, graspable top-out rail, rope guard, and more) and can be customized from our wide range of options.